Lily Gale is a Dutch music producer known for her energetic pounding symphonic hard trance. Her musical journey started in 1998, where she hosted a weekly show at a small Dutch radio station, where she played various music.

Around 2002 she developed an interest in electronic trance music. During her early musical career she became acquainted with several young DJ’s and producers, with whom she started producing music and playing records at small, mostly private gigs. This was the foundation from where she developed many contacts in the Dutch dance scene.

Always inspired by modern art, Lily Gale combines different art forms to her music in the widest sense of electronic dance music. Her vision encompasses a mixture of symphonical, progressive, avant-garde electronic dance music along the lines of goa, techno and trance. She feels that there must be a tale to be told and emotions to be felt. Deep rounded kicks and basslines pull the audience into the storyline while chapters emerge layer by layer working through moments of void, shrouded cosmic mysteries and ultimately fulfilling climaxes.

Meanwhile her passion for modern arts took her around Europe where her art was exhibited in many renown places in Amsterdam and Brussels. Often she made her paintings available for non-profit charity organisations dedicated to help families and children. In 2009 she received the honorable Diploma of Excellence Award from leading global art organisation Artoteque for her work.

To create one must master the arts of his or her craft. Lily started producing in Reason when it had only a couple of basic synthesizers. It was not enough to create the story she wanted to tell. She quickly became adept in using analog synthesizers and hardware devices. As technology advanced very quickly, fast computers made it possible to run powerful VST applications in high end digital audio workstations. Tracks could be produced, mixed and mastered, while being mobile.

In the near future Lily Gale will launch her own label named Star Vision Records. With her behind the scenes experience around emerging artists, knowhow in music production, distribution and marketing it’s a natural step in her musical endeavours.